Monday, February 21, 2011

Bon's Off Broadway- Vancouver

$2.95 Breakfast Special taken by Sherman
A sign saying $2.95 All Day Breakfast special catches my eye every time I drive along Lougheed. After a bit of investigation I found out this place was called Bon's Off Broadway. Even more interesting my girlfriend had already been there and she suggested we go. 

We arrived there and weren't really sure if we were to seat ourselves or wait. I had no idea who the hosts or waiters/waitresses were. We were told to sit wherever and asked if we wanted menus. Naturally I opted for a menu even though I had my heart set on the $2.95 breakfast special.

I was actually very surprised with the variety of the menu, they had a huge selection of what seemed like random things. Baby beef liver, nachos, steak, anything you could ask for. I don't know about the quality but hey if the price is right then who cares! We both got the breakfast special which consisted of two eggs, fried potatoes, toast, and choice of bacon, sausage, or ham. We also got a side of pancakes to share. A pretty great deal for less than $3. I had no complains about the food. Although quite basic, I got exactly what I expected and was pleased.

Pancakes taken by Sherman

I would be interested in going back and trying some more "exotic" menu items. Baby beef liver sounded tasty to me, and the different crowds that frequented this place were entertaining. Hispters, Truckers, Old people, and some others I can't classify were all present for my breakfast.

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  1. this blog always makes me so hungry lol

  2. I love breakfast food and that seems like an awesome deal for a great meal.. so hungry now haha. New follower!

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  3. 2.95 breakfast is off the chain

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  4. That's looks like a very tasty food .........i love having i feels like hugry let me have some..



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