Sunday, February 20, 2011

Minori Sush- North Delta

I hadn't been to this place in years. North Delta has a very limited selection when it comes to eating out. This was a favorite of mine in high school and what better time to come back to it then the present. My girlfriend and I had just left a wedding ceremony and were feeling peckish and this spot was just down the street from the church so it worked out perfectly.
We just ordered a couple things to share. Dynamite, Spicy Tuna, and Avocado rolls with four pieces of Salmon Nigiri. I actually really like this place. I have been to three sushi restaurants in North Delta and this one is my favorite.
The food is a little expensive, but when there's limited number of restaurants it's not like Vancouver where the pricing is a lot more competitive. I really liked the spicy tuna roll, I had never gotten it before and I must say it was very tasty. The server did forget to give us chopsticks, and I usually prefer not to eat with my hands. Other than that its a nice little place that is pretty popular in our little city.

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  1. Woooaaah, that looks lovely! How much was that? ahha :)

  2. mmmm i had sushi today also, bbq eel. was so tasty!!!!
    strictly business

  3. that sushi looks very good; one drunk night my buddies and i got some sushi from a gas station and got violently ill. i havent eaten the stuff from anywhere since, but im gonna give it a shot soon....

  4. Waah ,looking at the sushi makes me so hungry =/ Gotta go get some sushi soon (Y) .




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