Monday, October 3, 2011

Charlie's Mexican Restaurant - Port Moody

Tonight we were going for dinner in Port Moody. It feels weird writing that because since I live so close to Vancouver, Port Moody usually does not come up for dining options.

Well tonight we wanted Mexican, and somewhere new, so my girlfriend suggested we go to a place she had gone 2 or 3 years ago.

We were the only ones there when we be fair it was only 5pm so the real dinner rush hadn't really started. I was expecting, as is the norm that we would receive chips and salsa upon getting to our table..this was not the case.

I wanted salsa anyways so we ordered Chips w/ Salsa and Guacamole $7.. a little steep eh?

Well at least it was great salsa, very fresh tasting. I love pico de gallo (salsa fresca).. so simple but so fresh and wonderful tasting.

The waitress wasn't really pushy, but she came multiple times to see if we were ready to order when we had just sat down, barely getting a chance to open the menu. After a bit of weighing of options, Jess went with the Chicken Flautas.I knew they were good because she actually ate everything on her plate..maybe she was just really hungry but normally there is a lot left-over (a plus for me). They were served with a side of beans with some tortilla chips sticking out of them, kind of a neat presentation I thought.

For myself, I ordered the Beef Tostodas. I had a choice of chicken or shrimp but I like to consider myself an "alpha" male so I went with beef.

I also got the cool presentation of chips sticking out of not only the beans.. but the rice as well! I had to start breathing slowly because I was getting way too excited for my own good.

I found the food here to be really good, although we only had a couple items on the menu, I was impressed with both. Prices here are a little high, I guess there isn't really much competition around so you can't do much about that.

I took a shot of the interior to show a little bit of the feel of the place. There was some art and various things on the walls to give it more of a 'Meixcan Feel' I guess. What the interior is like for me doesn't really matter as long as the food is good.
Final Thoughts:
-Unless you live close-by, you probably have not heard of this place
-Prices are a little more than somewhere like Las Margaritas or Salsa and Agave
-Great food, even better Salsa

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  1. Ive always passed by there on my way to Rehannahs Roti, or Lougheed Wonton House for dimsum but thought it looked to cheesy to be authentic food!

  2. I wish I could say I was an expert and knew what authentic food actually tasted like, but from the people I had talked to everyone seemed to like it, not like there's many choices for mexican in port moody anyways :P



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