Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fish on Rice - Burnaby South

Biting off more than I can chew.. This happens to me quite a lot. The voice of reason in my head often goes unheard and my impulses take over.

How does this relate to Fish on Rice? The first time I dined here (keep in mind it's all you can eat) I grossly overestimated how much I could really eat, and left feeling as though I was about to burst.

Unfortunately for my girlfriend, she had to sit and wait for 30 minutes as I slowly ate my meal, struggling to finish each bite.

Well this time would be different, I told my self I can always order more if I'm hungry, just order one prawn tempura not six.. The price isn't too bad for dinner here, it's $21.95/person which, yeah you could get a decent meal at a sushi place for two but oh well. This also includes a soft drink.

We got the requisite sunomono, I got tako sunomono, which I believe is had octopus in it..(please correct me if I'm wrong). I like to start of the meal with something acidic like this since I'll be eating raw fish, I feel better making my stomach acid more acidic.
We of course got some miso soup because..well why wouldn't we?
I like the miso soup here, better than some regular non AYCE places.
I wish I could find miso soup mix at the store that actually tastes good..I have tried some store bought stuff and it wasn't great.
Beef Tataki is one of the sole reasons we got for AYCE, I think we ordered 40 pieces of is just so amazing. I don't often see this offered at regular sushi spots, and if it is, it's usually fairly costly, so we order a generous amount here. A definite must for any patron of Fish on Rice.
Crispy Chicken Skins, hmm these are really not my thing. Crispy chicken yes, but deep frying the chicken skin..they may taste good but my mind says no. They do taste great dipped in the sauce from the beef tataki (fyi) but do some cardio to help your heart after.
Here we go, something I can do.. Chicken Karrage, I love wings, these are wings, therefore I love em. There was a lot of batter but oh how do I love that crunch.. my poor body.. very tasty.
I did not realise that when I ordered the Deep Fried Gyoza, that they actually had a coating on them when they got fried, I thought they were just regular ones tossed in a deep fryer. Nonetheless I enjoyed them, very hot when they came out but very good.

I was unaware that ika meant squid, so I was pretty pumped when they brought out calamari. I'm not sure what it is but I just love the taste of it. Naturally I had to order seconds of the Ika Karrage.

Next, the Spicy Scallop Cone, and the..I'm not sure cone..(I forgot what it was). I really like the spicy scallop cone, but wasn't too big on the other one..unfortunately I don't remember what it was so I will most likely order it again.
Despite the less than pleasing aesthetics, the Spicy Tuna roll was good. I can't help but order this one anywhere I go because they are always so d*mn good! There was quite a bit of rice, so I was happy I only got two because the rice fills me up so quickly.
Lastly, I got the Burnaby Roll, and the Vancouver Roll. I am unsure of which one was which but  I didn't enjoy the one with the smoked salmon on top and the cream cheese. The cream cheese was very strong tasting and ruined it for me, the other roll was similar to a california roll but also had prawn tempura in it.
The first two times I had dined at this restaurant I was about ready to write it off and not come back. I did not really enjoy my meals that much and didn't think it was worth going.

This trip put the restaurant back in my good graces and I will probably return  again. If I stick with what I like and don't go overboard, a pleasant meal can be had.

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