Monday, September 26, 2011

Jimmy's Place - Burnaby/Coquitlam/Burquitlam?

Jimmy's Place is definitely quite easy to miss. If you weren't looking for it in specific I am sure you would probably not notice it.

It is situated on the Coquitlam Side of North Road, close to Lougheed Highway, in a mall which hosts a Petcetera, Extra Foods, and an RBC bank.. sound familiar?

It seems that on days where I am not rushing out of the house at 6am I don't feel like making breakfast..even when there is ample time. So last week, since school didn't start till the afternoon, my girlfriend and I hit up this joint.

I really wanted to order a burger for breakfast, but I saw a item on the menu I couldn't say no to.
The Jumbo Breakfast $7.50 - Golden Hash Browns, Three Eggs, Your choice of 3Pieces of Ham, Sausage, Bacon, and Toast.

Not a bad spread for under $8 eh? I thought everything was pretty good, more often than not I will take quantity over quality and it may have been the case here. Don't expect anything gourmet here, but do expect to be full.

My girlfriend ordered Two Pancakes, Two Eggs, Two Slices of Bacon, Sausage, or Ham $6.95She didn't order that all individually, it was a set menu item..if you zoom in on the menu picture you can take a look at what else they have.

I can't comment because I didn't have any, but she seemed happy enough eating it. Of course the bacon disappeared quickly and the rest of the food was kind of haphazardly spread around the plate.

I liked the feel of this restaurant, you order and pay before you eat and sit down as the cook it all up, pretty much in front of you (there is a bit of a counter).

The menu looked to be decently priced and I would be interested in trying one of their burgers or sandwiches in another visit.
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