Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lorenzo's Mexican Restaurant - Bellingham

It was late and we were all hungry. We knew tonight was going to be Mexican, the question was where? It was nearing 10 pm and on a Monday I wasn't sure how we would fare. Near our hotel we spotted Lorenzo's and it was still open. The manager was nice enough to let us in even though they would be closing soon. There was six of us and they were very accommodating since one person with us was in a wheel chair.

The inside was your traditional Mexican interior. I thought it looked quite nice.
So I'd like to throw this out there, if you are looking to get totally stuffed, Lorenzo's is your place. Great big portions and a decent price..that's why I love Mexican food.

We started out with a round of lime margaritas on the rocks. It didn't taste like there was a lot of tequila in them..and I don't remember if I had more than two, but I ended up getting quite inebriated from these and passed out wonderfully after getting to the hotel.
The drink itself was quite tart, so if you like more tart than sweet these are perfect for you.

I apologize for the pictures of the food. I had the iso setting cranked up and it made for a lot of noise. my camera doesn't do so well in dim lighting.
I ordered Two Burritos w/ beans and rice (one with beef, one with chorizo). It is hard to tell what is going on with this dish, it just looks like a giant plate of melted cheese. The chorizo burrito was Delicious. It had a nice spiciness to it that I loved. For around $10 I could barely finish this, which made it a great deal in my eyes.

My girlfriend ordered the chicken enchiladas with mole sauce. I tried a small bite and it was very good. It seems the US does a very good job of Mexican food. Everyone enjoyed their meals and  I would definitely come back again next time I am down, I do like trying new places though so maybe some other time.
I really enjoyed the meal here and thought everything tasted great. A great spot that won't hurt the budget.

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