Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ivar's - Bellis Fair (Bellingham)

So I have been away the last week, unable to blog. However I was able to eat some great food and take pictures so I am happy to be back and going at it again. I was in Washington the last week, doing some shopping, eating, and relaxing.

Our first night we stayed in Bellingham since we didn't leave till late. We went to Bellis Fair mall to start things off and I couldn't help but get some food at Ivar's.

Ivar's is located in the food court and has quite the creative little booth. I have only been here once before and I think I just got the clam chowder. I decided this time to order something different.but of course I did order a cup of chowder.

My girlfriend and I shared the Clams and Chips - $6.09
I was hesitant eating clams from a fast food place (not super fast since they took at a while to come) but they were pretty good. They had that definite clam flavor but it was too much. They were nicely deep fried and I enjoyed eating them.
The fries were nothing special, however I did like the garlic vinegar we got to dip them in.

Of course we got a little cup of Clam Chowder. I really like this, I think it taste great and has an awesome consistency. I wasn't too huge on the fact that they have big plastic bags that they keep this stuff in... but I was able to see past that because it tasted pretty good.

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