Saturday, August 27, 2011

Black Angus Steakhouse - Lynnwood

Located literally a stones throw and a half away from our hotel was Black Angus Steakhouse. I was told we used to have these in British Columbia, but either I was too young or wasn't even born at the time.

This was the choice for dinner tonight, although by the time we actually went to eat, I'm not sure you could call it dinner, maybe closer to late night eating.
The restaurant was nice enough to let us in close to 10pm..the kitchen closed at 10:30 and the party we were dining with usually had dinners that lasted around 3 hours...Poor poor staff (I apologize).

The waitress was very friendly and brought out the bread right away, I could tell she wanted to get us ordered and ready but she didn't rush us too much which was nice. The bread was interesting, it had a nice sweetness to it and was very pleasant to eat.

It seems regardless where we chose to eat, lime margaritas were the standard. We all ordered these, I got the smaller size but ended up drinking my girlfriend's who thought it would be a good idea to order the super sized version.

This was only the start, our table ordered a couple bottles of wine throughout the evening, martinis, more I am not used to this long dining. Usually my girlfriend and I get in, get harm done.

For my main I chose the 12oz Ribeye. There was a whole host of sides to chose from, I felt like I needed some greens so I got the Steamed Broccoli with shaved Parmesan, and the Wild West Onion Rings. I noticed a strong western theme on the menu and in the restaurant..nothing wrong with that! I ordered the steak medium rare and that's how it came out. It was nice and juicy and had just enough fat for me. Price wise it was close to the Keg.

I didn't take pictures of everyone else's food..we were at a big table and I didn't want to stress people out. I was very satisfied with the meal though, and wouldn't mind if one of these were to open up again in the lower mainland.

I would without a doubt come back here again..I'm a sucker for beef.

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  1. That meat. It looks so delicous. I just want it in my mouth. Like right now!

  2. I totally remember coming here as a kid to the one near our beachwood resort! Its totally like the keg



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