Sunday, July 17, 2011

Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville - Universal Studios ,Orlando

Welcome to Universal Studios. Before I continue this post I just wanted to say that the Burger I ordered here was one of the best I have ever had. Anyways back to the post. We spent the day at Orlando's Universal Studios. Doing a little research before our trip I saw this place and thought it would a good spot for lunch. We had not eaten much yet because we were so keen on getting to the new Harry Potter land so I was stoked to have some food.

I thought this chair represented the restaurant well. Jimmy Buffet and similar music filled my ears as we entered, I think I am a little too young to appreciate his music.
I ordered the Mexicali Burger - topped with mixed cheese, lettuce, fire-roasted tomato salsa and jalapenos. I have never had somebody ask me how I wanted my burger done, instinctively I said medium rare.

The burger came out with onion rings and a large pickle on the side.

First bite into this burger and I was in love. It was so good. The patty was so nice and juicy, it left a nice pool on the bottom with the plate which is a win!

The jalapenos and salsa gave this burger a great kick. I was somewhat worried at first being in America and eating rare ground beef but I survived and did not get sick. The texture of the burger with it being cooked medium rare was just so nice.

I wasn't very impressed with the onions, which were extra $ but I did not let it get me down because the burger had me in such high spirits. I am very glad we decided to eat here, I initially didn't even notice the item on the menu when I first saw it online but I am very glad I chose it.
My girlfriend ordered the BBQ Pork Sandwich - pulled pork with guava bbq sauce and topped with onion rings. Served on thick garlic French Bread with a side of coleslaw.I did not get the chance to try any of the sandwich but my girlfriend really enjoyed it. She said the pork was tender and not too dry. I did try a bit of the sauce and it was very tasty, something a little different. The french fries were just your regular fries, and the coleslaw was just your regular coleslaw. Simple sides to fill you up if you have a big appetite.

My girlfriends mother ordered crab cakes, they came with a side of green beans and fried plantains. If you have never had plantains before, I would describe them taste wise as a mix between a sweet potato and a banana. I am not a huge fan of them, a couple bites is plenty for me. I don't really know how the crab cakes tasted because I did not have any.
Lastly, since we were in a restaurant with margarita in the name we had some guava margaritas. While we sat at the bar, the television screens around us were playing music videos and concerts of Jimmy Buffet and similar artists. I found it kind of humorous seeing older people singing along with the TVs.

I really liked the food here and I thought the atmosphere was really cool. This was a great place to sit down and enjoy some good eats after waiting in line-ups in the hot sun.

If you find yourself at Universal Studios Orlando, check this place out you won't be disappointed.

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  1. That looks extremely tasty, artery clogging no doubt, but soooo good looking it would be a crime not to give it a try.



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