Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hooked Fish Bar - South Surrey, Crescent Beach

My father and older brother like to think of themselves as photographers. This paticular night they decided that they were going to drive down to Whiterock to take pictures of the sunset. I thought i'd tag along with my compact digital camera and do some photographing of my own.

It was actually my dad who suggested getting food, and I am not one to turn down eats.
We pretty much went to the first place along the beach, it was called Hooked Fish Bar.

We sat out on the patio and as you can see the sun was already starting to set. This meant just a quick bite and some drinks.

We shared a basket of fries since we were really just looking for something to snack on. I must say, food always taste better when you can enjoy it outdoors, and even better right by the ocean. The fries were very good. Nice and crispy just how I like them.

We also got a round of beers. Stanley Park Amber ale. Seems like i've been drinking this quite a bit lately. Gotta support the local brewery's!

The bill, which is not there anymore came on this neat little dish.
I took a picture of it because I liked it, and that's all I have to say about that.

Lastly I leave you with the Sunset, a view from Crescent Beach.

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  1. Fries and beer next to the beach? Count me in!
    On a scale from 1 to 5 how pricey would you say it was?

  2. not too pricey, it is next to the beach so prices
    are a little high for what you get.. about $5-6 a pint and 5 bucks for the fries

  3. I agree with Peter

  4. Why have i never noticed this place? Even the building in the picture doesn't look familiar ... Thanks for the wake up

  5. Thought it would be a good location for Diners, Drive-ins and DIVES after trying. Love to see this one on TV



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