Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Disneyworld's Epcot - Germany

A trip to Germany is not complete without the two B's... Bratwurst and Beer. Although we were not actually in Germany, I felt that I had to have these two things anyways. I was intent on trying a nice Germany Pilsner to cool me off, since it was quite warm.

We chose to eat at Sommerfest, a quick service restaurant on the more affordable scale. A quick scan of the menu yielded very pleasing results.. Bratwurst? Yes..Pilsner? Affirmative.
I was content so we ordered one of each to share.

I am terrible at getting souvenirs when I travel so I decided I would pay a couple extra $'s and get the souvenir beer mug. The beer was incredibly refreshing, when it is 35+ degrees outside this is liquid gold. I am not 21 yet so I cannot buy alcohol in the States so I had to get my girlfriend to boot for me..how embarassing.

The bratwurst was served with sauerkraut and a bun. We skipped on the bun since it is just filler and chowed down on the bratwurst. There was nothing special about the brat.. it was just a brat, which I enjoyed.
We did have the option to eat at a more expensive
restaurant, but I can only take so much meat in one day
and I saw myself getting full very fast (does that sound alright?).

good solid food
cheaper price range than the other restaurants in 'Germany'

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  1. what a cool looking building. nice glass of beer there too lol



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