Saturday, July 9, 2011

Disneyworld's Epcot - Denmark & China Pavilions

I  explained Epcot in my first post, so in this one I am talking about the next two countries we visited. Next on the tour was Denmark. We walked around a bit in the pavilion and did the boat ride tour, but we were looking for something to eat.

Inside the different buildings there was mainly touristy things but we found a little place to eat. They served up mainly desserts but also had a selection of sandwiches. We chose to split a smaller dessert.

I forget what this was called.. a something horn. Basically it was a pastry with a cream in the middle and sugar coating on the outside. It was good, not a whole lot to say about it. I am sure everyone has tried something like it at one point.

Alright, after that short visit to Denmark we were off to China. I thought this was really well done. The buildings were very interesting and they had multiple outdoor/indoor markets selling some interesting things.

I included this picture of me "learning about other cultures" to show I do more than just eat.
To get out of the heat we decided we would find a sit down restaurant here.

We chose a place called the Nine Dragons restaurant. I looked at the menu outside which had some appetizers I thought might be good to eat.

The interior was very nice. Clean, spacious..what more could you ask for? Most of the staff working at the restaurant were actually from China. I thought that was quite cool, it seems Disney employs people from the actual countries to work at the different pavilions.

We started off sharing an iced tea. So nice, light, and refreshing. I totally forget what this was called... it might have been lavender but the colour doesn't really say that.

I have not had hot and sour soup in years so I opted for a bowl of it (despite it being 35 degrees outside). It was very good, I have missed this particular item. With tax it would have cost around $4.

We ordered the appetizer trio to share which consists of:
 Delicious sampler of Cucumber Salad, Spicy Beef, and Fragrant Chicken 11.98.For me, this is what going to Epcot was all about. Getting little snacks to share at all the different pavilions. Rather than spend all my money at one place, I wanted to get a little taste of everything.
I really enjoyed the spicy beef. It was something different and quite enjoyable to eat.

That is all I have for these two countries. Stay tuned for more..up next Germany & Italy! 

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