Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tentatsu - Hastings-Sunrise

Tentatsu is located on Hastings street and Nanimo. My girlfriend and I argued on where to go for dinner, I was keen on Sushi Town which is only an 8 minute (that's an exact time) drive from her house but she said she didn't like it and wanted to have spicy california rolls at Tentatsu. I had not been to either so I figured there would be another time to go to Sushi Town so we took the extra time and drove a little further down Hastings.
I was starving at this point in time. I had a paper to write that morning so breakfast was 5 bite sized sausage rolls and a milk to go. The one thing I like about sushi is that you don't have to spend much money to get nice and full.
I started of with a regular Miso Soup $1.00. Not much to say here, regular miso soup, better than others I have had however. My girlfriend got an Ebi Sunomono $2.95. I thought her ebi sunomono looked awesome, i've never seen it prepared like this (yes I need to get out more often).

Most ebi sunomono's that I have come across are a pathetic little bowl with some shrimp meat and noodles. This one actually looked really nice. There was a nice hunk of meat and I thought the presentation was aesthetically please (as far as ebi su goes).
I didn't try any but my woman seemed to enjoy it. I think that because I only ever order ebi sunomono if I am getting AYCE sushi I only ever see it presented in the normal way.
I had forgot my camera so I was using my girlfriends, I was fiddling around with the settings and I think the pictures turned out half decent.

For our "entrees" we shared the Spicy Roll Combo $8.95 and one order of the Dynamite Roll $3.25. Dynamite Rolls are on of my favorites, the crunchiness of the tempura and the texture of the prawn work perfectly in this roll.
The Spicy Combo came with spicy tuna, spicy salmon, and spicy california rolls. I have never had a california roll so that was a somewhat new experience. I thought it was really good. I do have one complaint, the spicy tuna roll.
Spicy Tuna rolls are my all time favorite but the tuna seemed a little off. the consistency was mushy and I was not a big fan of that. The spicy sauce was really good though, during my last sushi experience at Fish on Rice the spicy sauce was absolutely terrible I could barely stomach it.
I saved my favorite part for last. I love eating the deep fried prawn tails. I thought this was cool looking picture (pretty sure I took it by accident).  I feel that I let the ratings I see on UrbanSpoon influence my decision on dining out quite often. This place didn't really look to popular and I was going to write it off without even going. It turned out to be good though. I enjoyed my experience and me and my girlfriend were decently full for $20.
One last picture I swear. This is a close up of the spicy tuna roll. I just thought it should be shown so I can showcase my close up digital macro setting skills.
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