Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dublin Castle Irish Sports Grill- New Westminster

Like something out of a horror film
Despite seeing this place at least 4 times I week I had not, until very recently even known it was a restaurant. If you ever drive along Columbia I am sure you have seen a big looming castle like structure just before Cumberland. For those of you taking the Millennium Line, you can view it in between Columbia and Sapperton Station.
I do not know a lot about the history of the place but there used to be a prison in the area and the building the restaurant was in was  formally the B.C. penitentiary guard house building . My girlfriend and I were meeting my two friends.gotta think of nicknames now, Meathead and Steller.
Upon entering the building there really was not a clear direction of where to go but we made our way into the restaurant. The waitstaff was very friendly however I did not really get an "Irish" vibe. I have red hair and it typically goes a couple shades redder when I am in an authentic Irish joint, it did not today though.
There was quite a few items on the menu, moderately priced but a little too much for my liking. I went with one of the cheaper items the Fish and Chips.

The fish was really good actually, not too much batter, lots of fish, not greasy. Nothing over the top spectacular but I had no complains. The waitress was quick to fill up our water the whole time we dined I might add.
I wasn't drinking anything but Steller wanted some of the Dead Frog Lager they had on tap, unfortunately they were kegless, a little disappointing.
My girlfriend ordered the Cesar Salad, not a lot of vegetarian options for her, oh well.
We were somewhat too  busy talking so I didn't get her opinion on the salad. I am sure it was a decent salad, it looked ice at least.
I felt rude reaching over the table and taking a picture of MeatHead's Club House and I also feared getting snapped in half (he is a football player). He didn't say anything about his sandwich he was too busy looking intimidating.
Steller ordered the Chicken Cordon Blue Sandwhich. He raved about it and said it was fantastic.It did look very good.
I don't really have much else to say about Dublin Castle, would I go back? Maybe for a dinner special but there wasn't really anything about it that drawed me in.
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