Friday, March 4, 2011

Donegal's Irish Pub- Surrey

Donegal's Irish Pub is a cozy spot located in Surrey. Located just on the border of North Delta, it was a close drive for my friends and I. We just wanted to grab a couple drinks and food while watching the Canucks Game. I had never been here before so I thought there was no better time than the present.

I scoured the menu to see what the daily deals were. Moosehead for $5.25 a bottle (stupid expensive beer prices in Canada) and they had panko crusted prawns for $0.35 each. They also had a beef dip and fries for $6 which was a really great deal for the amount of food.

I opted for a bottle of moosehead, which seemed to disappear as quick as soon as it was brought to our table. I also got 12 prawns to snack on. 

I really enjoyed the prawns. Living so close to the ocean I wish I knew how to catch these little suckers. The prawns were accompanied with a basic cocktail sauce which was pleasant to dip them in. They weren't greasy either. When I heard panko breaded prawns I had a picture in my mind that these deep fried little guys would be dripping with oil, but upon getting them my negative views were washed away.
beef dip (not actual photo from restaurant)

Another guy at our table got the beef dip with fries. For $6 the portion was great. If I wasn't on such a tight budget I would have definitely ordered that dish as well. This was a pretty quiet place for a game night which was fine for me. I enjoy being able to have conversations without straining to hear. I will definitely be checking out some of the food specials on other days of the week. Monday is Meatball day which sounds very tempting.

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  1. Food looks finger linking good

  2. Glad to hear you had a good time at Donegal's, we have been working very hard to ensure that we offer an exceptional value to all of our guests, both in price point, as well as in food quality. It has always been my personal view that just because I offer you a great price on a dish, doesn't mean I can reduce the quality, and it is very nice to see that appreciated.
    With the exception of the meatballs, every item I feature, is the same as the full priced item another day. We never cut portion sizes, or compromise on the quality of the dish, because my belief is that if you loved the beef dip for $6 on Thursday, you'll happily pay the regular price any other day of the week to enjoy it again. I would rather eat the loss on a feature, but earn a new guest, than to try and make a buck off sub-par food: your repeat business is worth more to me.

    In addition to the $6 Braised Beef Dip you mentioned on Thursday's, we have a variety of of great daily features:
    Monday $6 6oz New York Steak sandwich with home cut fries, and our meatballs for $0.25 each.
    Tuesday $6 burger and fries, house made patty, home cut fries, basic or fully loaded with bacon, mushrooms and cheddar, same price either way. We also feature most of our appies for half price all day.
    Wed is wing night of course, $0.25 each
    And Thursday you covered off for us nicely.
    Every day from 3-6 we offer 2 for 1 appies, and of course other great food and drink specials all week and weekend.

    Thank you for coming out, and your great review, please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any further feedback regarding future visits.


  3. Thanks for the comment Daniel, it's great to hear from your Pub. Now that semester is over I will be able to stop by more often



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