Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Boston Pizza- Coquitlam

I had just realized I had in my possession a $30 gift card for Boston Pizza.
It was late and I was really craving some nachos. I remember having their nachos a couple years ago after a hockey game and I had really liked them. My girlfriend and I drove to the Coquitlam location because you can actually get parking, the one near Brentwood gets very crowded. Knowing I was not paying anything for the meal we decided to get a couple 'fancy' drinks.

I don't remember what this drink was called, It had cranberry juice, vodka, and a blue slush in the middle. I know it was a little girly, but there was not many people at the restaurant that late to judge me.

My girlfriend got a drink as well and, I have no idea what it was..some help I am. I liked hers more, so if you're there and see a pink drink..have that one.We ordered our drinks and a plate of Nachos with extra cheese.
We also got the chocolate explosion for dessert but asked for it after we had finished our drinks and food. Boston Pizza does not list their drink menu online so I will have to wait till I go back again to find out the names of our drinks.

I am a big fan of nachos, I believe they are a perfect food. I really liked these ones, however some of the chips were a bit burnt and I did not really notice any 'extra' cheese, it seemed like the amount you get at any place that serves nachos. I think they taste good though, love the jalapeno and olives on them.

We finished our drinks and nachos and waited for  dessert...and waited...and waited... and "here's the bill".
The waitress had forgotten that we had ordered dessert and prematurely brought the bill. I wasn't that keen on dessert anyways so I didn't press her on the matter and just paid for the food.
I was pretty surprised at the price for our two drinks and nachos with extra cheese. With tax it came to 27$. Not exactly a bargain in my opinion.

I enjoy going to Boston Pizza. My girlfriend used to work for head office so I would call myself a BP expert by association. This time probably wasn't one of my finest though, service wise and the burnt taco chips. The drinks were really good, and forgetting dessert my girlfriend wasn't too pleased with, oh well!

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