Monday, January 24, 2011

Tapas, Pork, and Sangria in Barcelona, Spain!! part 1

My girlfriend and I found ourselves in Barcelona, Spain. Armed with very
little Spanish we set off to find something to eat.
We walked along and tried to get away from the tourist trap las Ramblas where most of the food is overpriced. We were near the waterfront and saw a sign for a dinner special, under 10 euros for a glass of sangria and a plate of different tapas. I was not one to shy away from
a dinner special so we ordered it for each of us. The presentation of the food alone just looked great.
Ham croquettes, shrimp in pastry, patatas bravas, bread with oil drizzle, jalapenos, Sangria

This was also the first time I tried Sangria, and although it may be a a bit of a feminine drink it was
the perfect drink for the hot Spanish weather. I can't recall what all the food was but it was very good. Although maybe not the most authentic, I was very pleased with my first Spanish tapas experience
It took a long time to get the bill, I think they were waiting for us to order more but being on a budget
we could only indulge so much.

That night I got hungry again, so we went to a small grocery store close
to our hostel. I went through the aisles trying to find some meat, and I found some pork bastonets and
some catalonian spicy sausage.

haul from the grocery store
All of this cost less than 10$ Canadian, so I didn't feel bad throwing my pork products
away. I don't know what they were supposed to taste like, but the bastonets and the sausage were absolutely disgusting. I guess I am used to the processed pork in Canada and I did not have
a taste for whatever it was I ate. We ended up dining on cheap white wine and spicy chorizo sausage flavored lays chips.

**Stay tuned for Part 2, The meat market and dinner on Las Ramblas!!


  1. nice post food looks yummy



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