Friday, January 28, 2011

Kingsway Sushi All you can eat- Vancouver

 26/01/2011- This Place is one of my favorite AYCE sushi spots in Vancouver. They do the basics very
Beef tataki
well. It's open late and has a great selection for the price you pay. $21.95/person Mon-Thurs and $22.95/person Fri-Sun. They also have an option for a late night menu and a lunch menu (at lunch time) which is cheaper than the dinner one but with less selection. I would say to do your big order on the first one because if it gets busy you may wait away until you can order again, resulting in you getting full. I heard about this place from my little brother who would always go for late night with his Asian friends. I have my favorites on the menu and stick to those. The beef sashimi is one of my favorites, along with the dynamite rolls,
gyoza, spicy tuna sahsimi, spicy tuna cone,
spicy scallop cone, deep fried scallop, and the various
nigiri and sashimi pieces.
Spicy tuna and scallop cone,
courtesy of egirlwonder
This place is great to come with a group of friends since everybody can order different things and you can try a bit of everything. If you live

in the Vancouver area and have never tried this place I would encourage you to do so. Instead of ticking what you want off on a piece of paper, they have handheld electronic devices that they tick off as you fire off your order to them. They have always been very accurate. My one word of advice is to not get the BBQ salmon head, I ordered it once and lets just say I  will never do that again.

Rolls, courtesy of Sherman
I like the selection here, lots of great food to try
never disappointed with how it tastes.

I don't like the fact that the wasabi they use is so mild that you don't get the nice hot from it when you eat it with your sushi.
Short Ribs courtesy of Sherman
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  1. nom nom nom.

  2. Effin yum! I love some sushi!

  3. another place for great sushi of the all you can eat variety in Vancouver is Tan Po Po on Denman Street (right by English Bay, a block east of Davie street) - it's under $15 for the all you can eat lunch

    the service isn't great, but they purportedly have the best wild salmon sashimi in the lower mainland (which I have to agree with), and everything is delicious

  4. spicy tuna rolls are my favorite besides soft shell crab

  5. i'll keep that in mind Patrick next time i'm in the area, the wild salmon sushi I had at
    this place was so good,
    will definately try that place out,

  6. I cant believe this is the first food blog that Im following! Finally!

  7. If you visit this place often, make sure you sign up for the Top Gun Gold Card. It's $25 per year and you can use it at all of its restaurants. Under one membership, you can have as many supplementary cards as you want (each supplementary card is $20) and pass the cards out to anyone and everyone you know. That way, they are entitled to the discounts, but, you get all the points. That's what we're doing with ours...hehehehehehe!!!



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