Friday, January 28, 2011

Dine Out Vancouver 2011 Society Dining Lounge Yaletown

27/01/2011- Running from Jan. 24th to Feb.6th as described by Tourism
Vancouver Dine out "is a city-wide celebration of food and British Columbia wine and is the largest restaurant promotion of its kind in Canada. Virtually every type of restaurant in the city gets involved, giving you the chance to taste Vancouver's hot restaurant digs, new hit eateries and neighbourhood favourites all for a reasonable prix-fixe price."
Chopped Salad
My girlfriend and I looked through the menus of restaurants offering the 18$ three course item dinners. There were $28 and $38 but we stuck with the 18. We looked through the list of restaurants and decided on one where be both found things we wanted to try. Society Dining Lounge was the winner, located in Yaletown I was surprised my jeans and button up were fashionable enough to get in.  The inside was crowded but they had the outside patio set up with heaters which was just fine for me. We got the dine out menu and I started off with a drink, a Stanley Park Amber Ale. Never tried this beer before but I thought it tasted quite good.

Stanley Park Amber Ale

The beer was a great way to start of a very tasty meal. For starters the choices were a split pea soup, a pickled beet salad (no thank you), and a chopped salad (bacon, tomatoes, chicken, white cheddar, yes please).
I got the chopped salad and my girlfriend ordered the split pea soup. We both enjoyed our appetizers, I however forgot to save any of my salad for my girlfriend to try.

The main courses gave us options of a
Truffle Salisbury Steak, garlic mashed potatoes, pearl onion jus,Ahi Tuna Casserole ahi tuna, mushrooms, diced celery and peas, four cheese sauce, and  Home-made Butternut Squash Perogies roasted butternut squash filling, wild mushrooms, sour cream, wild boar bacon.
I personally am very partial to meat so I decided on the Salisbury steak and my girlfriend who loves squash naturally chose the butternut squash perogies. Both entrees were done very well and tasted fantastic.

Salisbury Steak

Butternut Squash Perogies


The Dessert menu was fixed so there was only one option, named All The Way dark chocolate cake, butter cream filling, vanilla gelato. I had no idea what
this was going to look like so you can imagine why I was very surprised when it came out. I really had no complaints about this place, the wait staff was extremely friendly the overall atmosphere of the place was just awesome, looked nice, food was great would love to come back and try their regular menu.
Society Dining Lounge on Urbanspoon

The Good:
Interior is really great, bathrooms have mouthwash, which I mistook for soap
- The food we got was very good
The Bad:- The Menu's were huge and took up the whole table
- A little pricey


  1. cotton candy? on your ice cream? on your cake??! outrageous!

  2. strong dessert... :D

  3. salad has never looked so good.

  4. Made me hungry!


  5. i could eat 5 lbs of that chocolate cake omg

  6. Just looking at the cake makes me really hungry.

  7. That salad and beer look great...



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