Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cheap eats in London #2 Mother Mash

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We read about this establishment in our Europe on shoe string book. We were looking for somewhere to eat that was under  £10 for a meal.
The book described this place nicely, promising us
a feast of bangers, potato and gravy, which is pretty much perfect for me. This place was small but we managed to find after roaming the streets for a bit. At the time it wasn't busy and we were the only patrons so service wa
quick and friendly. I absolutely love choice when it comes to food and this place more than exceeded my expectations. The menu gave you choice of your mash, main, and gravy (menu pictured to the left, click for larger size). For myself I chose the cheesy mustard mash along with beef and Guinness sausage as well as the lamb and mint sausage with the onion gravy.
I thought it tasted great, my only complaint was the potatoes tasted like they were instant ones. That would be my only complain. This place is great for travellers who want to sit down to a nice hot meal without breaking the bank. This was a fun establishment, giving diners the opportunity to create and use what flavors that best suited them.


  1. not bad..i might be going to london in the summer.. :D

  2. nice review brah very cool blog!

    your friend,



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