Sunday, April 10, 2011

Las Margaritas- West 4th

 Las Margaritas
1999 West 4th Ave, Vancouver BC.
Tel: 604-734-7117

Las Margaritas is a popular restaurant serving "food more from the north of Mexico, Baja and California". I first went here last year and today was probably my 5th or 6th visit. My girlfriend and I had just gone to Mussel Mania at the Sandbar and gotten rid of some lose change at the arcade on Granville Island, we were now feeling drinks and a light snack.
It was around 6:30pm by this point so we knew there would be a line up but we were willing to wait. We had about a 20 minute wait before we were seated. I was a little disappointed the patio was not open, it was such a nice day. The first time I went we dined on the patio and had an awesome Raspberry Margaritas with actual raspberries in the ice cubes... I don't think they do this anymore I have yet to see this again.

Before Talking about our meal I would like to tell a funny story. Our second visit to Las Margaritas was July last summer. That was the day we realized my girlfriend was allergic to red wine..It made her throw up.. wait isn't that just called drinking too much? Not exactly, red wine contains tannins and sulfates which some people are allergic to. Well we found out the hard way. After finishing some Red Wine Sangria my girlfriend remarked that she was not feeling very well. We quickly  made our way to Capers up the street and she went and ..err made the food we just ate come back out her mouth. Hope you enjoyed my amusing little anecdote.

We had our complimentary chips and salsa, I really love the salsa here..The salsa is freshly made and tastes great, much better salsa than that at the Naam..ugh..
We decided on a pitcher of Raspberry Margaritas, The Jalapeno Poppers ($8.45), and the Sopa de Tortilla ($5.70). Funny thing with the Margaritas, I was looked at the price of pitchers on the Virgin drink list so I thought it was only $15..don't know how I made that mistake..lets just say I was not pleasantly surprised to find out on the bill that it was $27.

Ever since having the Sopa de Tortilla at Salsa and Agave I have wanted to try it again. I love this dish, it was really well made here, the presentation wasn't as nice as the last one I had but the taste was great. I love avocado but I don't really like it in the soup. Avocado for me is meant to be refreshing, I don't think it goes well with a hot soup, however that is just my personal opinion. I think I enjoyed the soup at Las Margaritas more than Salsa and Agave, I'll have to go back just to make sure though
The Jalapenos Poppers, are very tasty however almost $9 for 5 of them is a little steep.They are a great snack though.Often times when we go we just order drinks and the Fiesta Platter which gives us more variety, it also comes with a couple Jalapenos Poppers so we can enjoy them.
The Pitcher of Margaritas said it was supposed to serve five.We shared it between the two of us. I really enjoy their Raspberry Margarita but at $27 I think I'll have to stick to the smaller monster margarita. I guess my tolerance is getting higher because I felt completely normal after drinking copious amounts of margarita, however it was a struggle to keep my clothes on, a daily problem (increased by tequila).

I will be coming back here in May for my girlfriends birthday and I'm hoping the Patio will be open, although there isn't really any view, people watching is fun and on a hot day a nice cold drink outside is a great feeling.

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