Saturday, March 19, 2011

Homemade French Dinner? I think so.

Something is definitely not right in Vancouver, B.C. A full moon? Earth tilting on an abnormal axis?
Whatever it was, it caused my girlfriend for once in her life to feel a womanly instinct and cook dinner! I was pretty shocked when I heard that I didn't have to do any work and got to eat.. that's a win in my books.

The Recipes were inspired from the show French Food at Home on the Food Network.

For drinks we had Panache, which is beer and a sparkling lemon soda. Ok I admit I did help a bit, I showed her how to properly pour beer into a cup and I added the soda.

We chose to use Coors as the beer for this drink. We wanted something light because this was supposed to be a nice refreshing beverage. It was a really good drink. I reminded me of a local beer Russels Lemon Ale. Of course Coors is a lager so it is fizzier.

Onto the food. She made a pistachio pesto using an angel hair pasta, which is a bit thinner and lighter than spaghetti noodles. We also had a potato salad. It was a light healthy salad, no mayonnaise or eggs in it. I don't know the recipe but I know there was fresh dill and rice wine vinegar on it, very zesty. We also had a salad which was cabbage, cucumber, and zucchini.
The Main Course

I thought the potato salad tasted amazing. I was a bit hesitant because I love my eggs and mayo in a potato salad but this version was excellent. I will be politely asking her to make this again. The pasta with pesto was very good too. I've only have pesto made with pine nuts and I like the pistachio, every time you'd get a nice crunchy piece I was in pesto heaven.

All the credit goes to my sous chef who impressed even me, the great chef Peter Holbrook.
Sigh... I have taught her all I know, someday she may be able to make a roux as good as me.
My Sous Chef
She is very confused, one day she may be able to cook like me


  1. You, sir, is a god amongst men for taming that heavenly blessed beauty

  2. ummm FYI there is no rice wine vinegar in it... there is wine, but no rice wine vinegar......

    and I taught you to make a roux... I always have to fix yours....



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