Sunday, March 13, 2011

Greek Village- North Delta

Lamb Souvlaki
So my friend was celebrating his birthday and decided a group of us should go out for dinner. Initially I was told we were going to Tio Pepe's on Commercial. Plans changed, we were now going to Taverna Greka in New Westminster, but wait! this is Drew we are talking about here so once again plans changed and we were going to the Greek Village restaurant in our very own North Delta. I can say I was pretty happy about this. I had been here three or four years ago and I really liked it, compared to other Greek food I've had this place was definitely one of the best.

Greek Salad

There was 8 of us there and I have never brought my camera out when with a group of friends before because I find it kind of awkward, usually it's my girlfriend and I out for food and she doesn't mind if I snap some pictures.

I ordered the Lamb Souvlaki (if lamb is on the menu you can bet I'm ordering it), the meal also came with Greek Salad, Rice, Roasted Potatoes and Pita Bread. How was the food? The lamb was really nice and tender, I really enjoyed the Greek salad (never really have had bad Greek salad), and the tatziki sauce was so nice and tangy I loved it. 

I did not take any pictures of my friends dishes, maybe next time. I still feel kind of weird asking people if I can take a picture of what they're eating, however I can list what others got. The Kalamaria (deep fried squid) , Kleftiko (leg of lamb slow simmered in a tomato sauce), Moussaka, Salmon Steak, Prawn Souvlaki, and the Chicken Souvlaki.
Everything looked very good. The wait staff was friendly as well, my friend was brought a free dessert since it was his birthday, they even played a birthday song of sorts.. I was amused.

I think the food is great, it can get pricey however if you want to have drinks with your meal.
As a student working every now and then, it's not something I can afford very often.

I grabbed a pic of their Calamari from Sherman because it just looked so good.

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