Friday, July 20, 2012

The Vanilla Pod - Poplar Grove Winery, Penticton

I want try and pretend I know much about wine. While I don't know much, I do know that I tasted some fantastic wines at Poplar Grove Winery.

What I really want to talk about it food though. Apparently there was a new restaurant addition called the Vanilla Pod and today we were going to try it out.

To eat my girlfriend and I shared the jerk pork loin sandwich with German potato salad. This was delish! Besides our waiter being awkward I found the food to be very good. We did share their appetizer platter between our party and it was finished very quickly.

That's all, not a whole lot to talk about, food was good, the view was good, the company....I won't get into that :) There is no shortage of wineries in Penticton so hopefully this helped get a feel of this place in case you are looking into some of the different places to check out.

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